Metacognitive Therapy

Welcome to MCT-RUHR!
Do you ruminate or worry a lot?
Are you suffering from depression or anxiety?
Are you looking for quick and effective help?

MCT-RUHR would like to be your lighthouse:

a way out of overthinking!

What is MCT?
Metacognitive Therapy (MCT): developed by Prof. Adrian Wells from Manchester, initially used to treat Generalised Anxiety Disorder. MCT has now expanded to become a general treatment approach (Wells, 1995, 2000) which is backed by scientific evidence from a wide range of studies.
Metacognition: the part of cognition that controls mental processes and thinking.
Cognitive-Attentional Syndrome (CAS): contains a very important change in thinking patterns such as worrying, rumination, attention fixated on signs of danger and threat, beliefs about uncontrollability of thoughts and unhelpful coping strategies which worsen and maintain emotional suffering such as anxiety or depression. The CAS is controlled by metacognitions and it is necessary to remove the CAS to get better.
Treatment: MCT therapists help patients to develop new ways of controlling their attention, new ways of relating to negative thoughts and beliefs, and by modifying metacognitive beliefs that give rise to unhelpful thinking patterns. 

MCT has been very successfully implemented in Britain, Denmark and Norway, and will hopefully fully arrive in Germany soon as well. The first MCT masterclass in Germany started in February 2017 and finished in November 2018. I am one of the first German therapists registered by the MCT-Institute in Manchester.
As a very different and highly effective method, MCT can help you to recover in only 5-10 sessions. This is the reason why MCT-RUHR addresses self-paying patients.

Is MCT right for me?

YES, if...

- you spend a lot of time worrying or ruminating

- you want to be in control of your thoughts and your life (again)
- it is your goal to feel better despite of all real problems
- you are looking for a scientifically proven, highly effective method
- you are open-minded towards this completely different, but simple approach

- you want to learn how to prevent future psychological disorders

- you're looking for  a PTSD treatment which doesn't involve going into the contents of the trauma


If you would like to make an appointment please contact me at [email protected]

About me:
My name is Nadine Kawaters. I studied (Health) Psychology and Occupational Psychology at the Universities of Wales Bangor & Nottingham. Afterwards I went to Bochum University to become a Clinical Psychologist in CBT. After accomplishing a 2-year-masterclass in Metacognitive Therapy I am very excited to be able to offer this completely different, simple and very effective therapy method to my clients at MCT-RUHR!


Private patients:

MCT sessions (50 mins.) are available for 150,56 Euros per session. You will receive a monthly bill.